Eye Treatments

Brow Shape                              £7.00

Brow Tint                                   £6.00

Brow Tint & Shape                 £12.00

Lash Tint                                    £10.00

Lash & Brow Tint                    £14.00

Eye Package                             £20.00

Brow tint & Shape & Lash Tint

Cluster Eyelashes                    £10.00

weekend lashes can last up to 2 weeks

Individual Lash Extensions  £40.00/£55.00

Depending on desired look, treatment time 1 to 2 hours. lashes natural shred with your own lashes, lasting around 8 weeks with 2/3 weekly maintenance, silk & mink lashes available. 

Re Balance 2/3 weeks                   £20.00

Maintenance is key to up keeping your lashes,treatment involves infilling the lashes your have lost since last treatment. please note, if to many lashes are lost due to pulling or using oil based products a new set may be required. 

Removal                                              £10.00

free of charge when new set is applied 


Half Leg                            £14.00

Half Leg & Bikini            £20.00

Full Leg                             £22.00

Full Leg & Bikini             £28.00

Bikini                                 £10.00

Brazilian                           £14.00

Hollywood                       £20.00

Underarm                        £8.00

Forearm                           £12.00

Full Arm                           £17.00

Upper Lip                        £5.00

Chin                                   £5.00

Upper Lip & Chin           £8.00

Back                                  £15.00

Chest                                 £15.00

Gelish Manicure                                 £20.00

Tip Extensions With Gelish            £27.00

Extentions Infill/colour change   £22.00

Gelish Toes                                          £20.00

Gelish  Luxury Pedicure                  £33.00

Gelish Repair                                       £1.50

Gems/Glitter/Nail Art                       From 50p

Soak Off Gelish                                   £6.00/£3.00 if re applied

File & Paint with polish                   £8.00

Mini Manicure/Pedicure                 £12.00

Luxury Maincure                                £20.00

Luxury Pedicure                                 £26.00

Nail Treatments 

We offer a full range of nail treatments including gel mainicures & pedicures along side ordinary nail varnish & gel extensions. we can advise on the right products & treatments suitable for you depending on current condition and lifestyle. 

Nail Harmony Gelish nail system is applied just like polish but performs like gel. With no drying time Gelish offers 2/3 weeks long lasting  non chipping colour/french finish on the natural nails. Can even last 6/8 weeks on toes!

China glaze nail varnish can last up to 1 week, once you have aloud you nails to dry after your manicure treatment. And anything from 3/5 weeks with your pedicure treatment. 

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion 

This is a non-invasive resurfacing facial treatment, removing the outer layers, increasing collagen & cell renewal. Boosting the effects of your homecare products. Courses are recommended to upkeep results.

1/2 hour express facial                   £30.00

3 session course                                  £80.00

6 session course                                  £155.00

Luxury Microderm Facial              £55.00

3 session course                                  £155.00

6 session course                                  £295.00

Spray Tanning 

Fake bake is a well known and trusted product giving you a flawless natural tan, developing 6/8 hours. Fakebake 60 min spray tan is also available for last minute appointments, perfect for on the night tans. developing times 1hour-light glow 2hours-Golden 3hours- deep bronze. Homecare products & holiday kits are also available to purchase in the salon 

Body Glow Treatment 

Full body exfoliation with nourishing oils, leaving skin glowing replenished and flawless.

25mins         £23.00

Luxury Body Glow Treatment 

Extended relaxation with a full body massage after your body glow treatment.

1hour 15       £45.00


Legs/waist up        £10.00

Full body                 £15.00

60 Min 

Legs/waist up         £12.50

Full Body                  £20.00

Body Treatments

Back,Neck & Shoulder Massage

Focusing on built up stress & muscle tension in all areas around the neck, shoulders & across the back. 

30min              £20.00

Full Body Massage 

Experience a deep tissue massage reliving stress & stimulating circulation leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

1hour             £35.00

Purifying Back Treatment

Eve Taylors sea salt scrub will whisk away any dry skin, while a purifying masque will eliminate any open pores. finishing with a back massage the relax any muscular tension. 

40mins           £30.00

Eve Taylor Facial Treatments 

Revitalising Eye Rescue Treatment

This treatment is perfect for tired puffy eyes,using a marine based collagen masque & pressure point drainage massage to rejuvenate and firm this delicate area. 

30mins            £20.00

Mini Facial

This is a great way to introduce your skin to facials, to establish a good skin care routine, or simply if you are short on time. 

35mins                £25.00

Luxury Facial 

Targeting specific areas of concern this facial can be adapted for all skin types using prescriptive products, a soothing shoulder & facial massage are performed for ultimate relaxation. 

1hour                 £35.00

Signature Facial 

Includes all of the features of our luxury facial,but with some more advanced products and a selected setting masque. Ending with a scalp & hand massage. 

Balancing-great for pigmentation, improving skins radiance and texture

Clarifying- absorbs toxins, purifying open pores leaving skin feeling fresh and clear. 

Hydrating- For very dry sensitive skins, nourishes those common dry areas calming irritated skin.

Firming- stimulates cells vitality tightening any stressed and age related lines

1hour 15             £45.00